Postcrossing is a great way to get in touch with people and to learn/see more about/of the world through postcards. I'd like to share my received postcards and therefore made this blog. I receive many postcards every day and I will try to upload them all!

Hello everybody,

as you probably have noticed: I'm not updating my blog since more than a week ago. Several reasons. I did not pass my exams which was a real bummer. In the end something went wrong and I got very bad marks while throughout the whole year everything went OK. So, you can imagine that I got very dissapointed about that, and still am. The stress isn't even gone (I have this for a long time already) as I have to make another exam. Hopefully this will result in one less bad mark when I do well. It's geography which Is a subject I am interested in. For some reason I did not well on the first exam but will try to change this with the second exam on tuesday. That's why I have to learn every single piece of information again and that takes much of my time.

Another reason for not updating my blog: I have received too many cards so I lost track on that. I get around 15 cards a day which begins to take a lot of my time that I really need to study and want to keep as relax time. Therefore I have given up this blog now, but don't worry, this will be over soon and then I will post lots of postcards again. I will be more choisy though when uploading postcards. Scanning, uploading and talking about 15 postcards a day is crazy! So soon I will only be posting my favorites and special cards.

That's about it I guess...

Take care everybody!


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