Postcrossing is a great way to get in touch with people and to learn/see more about/of the world through postcards. I'd like to share my received postcards and therefore made this blog. I receive many postcards every day and I will try to upload them all!

This is one fantastic card! Such pretty colors and a very interesting bird. I really love this card and was definitely a great surprise!

Some info on the Kookaburra: The Kookaburras belong to the family of the Kingfishers and are native to Australia and New Guinea, but only the Australian one is famous for its unmistakable laughing call. They feed on insects, snakes, frogs and other small animals.

source: postcard

I got very curious about the laugh so I searched for it and listened it. Haha, that is one funny bird call!

See this video to hear it:

Thank you so much for this beautiful postcard Mags!


Distance: 16,555 km (10,287 miles)
Travel time: 8 days

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  1. This is what I hear every single day when I hang my washing!

    As a child we sang a song:

    Kookaburra sits in the old gym tree
    Merry merry king of the bush is he!
    Laugh, kookaburra laugh, kookaburra
    Gay your life must be!

    Of course that was back when 'gay' just meant happy!

    We sang it in the round so half the school would start singing and when they finished the first line, the rest of the school would start singing it.

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