Postcrossing is a great way to get in touch with people and to learn/see more about/of the world through postcards. I'd like to share my received postcards and therefore made this blog. I receive many postcards every day and I will try to upload them all!

Hi everybody!

Today 3 postcards in my mailbox.

BE-70380: Sent by Rene that apparently likes my country very much. That's always nice to here. The card is a vintage card that shows the beach of Blankenberghe. A coastal town along the north-sea

EE-78247: Such an awesome Estonian owl postcard also reached my mailbox and I really love this cute looking owl. Still young and posing for the camera, almost with a face like: Leave me alone :( haha. A big thanks goes to Mari Elle and Jaana (the senders). Jaana wrote the card and Mari put the stamps on it. She did a great job , right? :)

TW-182462: A beautiful sunset postcard sent from Taiwan. She told me my name in Chinese looks like Harry Potter in their language. That gave me a good laugh, haha!
The fathers friend of her dad has made this photograph and I think it's really good.

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